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At UNITED SIKHS we are dedicated to creating awareness through education, training and motivation which are both the tools and the result of our work. We understand that through awareness our volunteers and the communities they serve will become self-sufficient to create sustainable, prosperous, and happy multicultural and multifaith communities

Presently, UNITED SIKHS offers two types of educational training programs:

SKILLS TRAINING: for UNITED SIKHS volunteers, interns, staff, sponsors and others.
UNITED SIKHS is currently engaged in developing and running a series of powerful and inspiring workshops to help our volunteers, interns, staff, sponsors and others. From time to time we conduct workshops on writing, photography, self development, motivation techniques, conflict resolution, time management, positive use of the media, advanced writing and more! If you have any suggestions for workshops please contact us at training@unitedsikhs.org.
OUTREACH TRAINING: Outreach and Awareness Programs for the public at large and agencies such as police departments, employers and schools.  
UNITED SIKHS holds a high standard, working for universal human rights and for freedom of religion and culture for all people. For example, since Sikhs are a minority group, we provide awareness training to employers, police, schools and others to help these authorities provide a better service so that Sikhs may enjoy their civil and human rights and become useful citizens. 

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