"Burn Emotional attachment and grind it into ink. Transform your intelligence into purest paper.
Make the love of the Divine your pen, and let your consciousness be the scribe...."
(Guru Nanak, Sri Guru Granth Sahib ji, 16)

UNITED SIKHS Online Writing Workshop (I)

On the 1st of Every Month From 1st August 07


APPLY HERE by the 20th of the preceding month at the latest. Limited Places. If the Workshop is full you will be enrolled in the next workshop.


AT UNITED SIKHS and your workplace you will often be asked to write letters, draft proposals and create press releases.


Improve your English writing skills. Construct effective memos, business letters and proposals. Remove colloquial accents. Receive private coaching.


  • A month-long cyber course. You can log in from wherever you are at any time taught by a professional writer.

  • Do the assignments at your own pace as long as you submit your work within the weekly deadline.

  • You will be participating in classroom discussions as one does on internet forums or message boards.

  • You will be required to log on at least an hour a day, five days a week, to keep up with the class.

  • It is geared to assist those who are native English speakers and also help those who have learned English as a 2nd or 3rd language.


    Date : 1st Of Every Month
    Place : http://ww w.nicenet.org

    (UNITED SIKHS has obtained the services of Nicenet, a non profilt organisation.)

    Duration : 4 weeks
    Fees : Europe , North America , Australia and NZ : $150 USD
    (Concession, Student or Unwaged Fees - $75.00 USD)
    Asia and rest of the world : $75.00 USD;
    (Concession, Student or Unwaged Fees - $35.00 USD)

    Apply and Pay Here
    All writings generated during UNITED SIKHS workshops and training belong to UNITED SIKHS. You will receive a certificate on completion of the workshop.