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United Sikhs organizes Medical Camp in hardest hit area of Nepal Earthquake
May 05, 2015


Sindhupalchok - Almost 170kms away from Kathmandu in Jalbire village of Sindhupalchok. United Sikhs team of doctors treated approximately 400 patients.

Sindhupalchok is the district hit hardest by 2015 earthquake. Just as many of the locals here are, the security personnel involved in rescue and relief operations have also been compelled to take shelter under the open sky, as most of the police posts have either collapsed or been rendered uninhabitable. Moreover, the buildings have suffered significant damage on account of the locals’ vandalising them because they were angered by the delay in relief and rescue efforts.

In this areas 95% of houses have collapsed. No other relief team has been there, and people travelled two days just to visit the UNITED SIKHS Relief Team.

Earthquake victims with complains of minor injuries, fever, vomiting, cough, common cold, diarrhoea were benefited.

The locals in this village took the time and effort to cook food for United Sikhs volunteers.

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If you are in Malaysia, You can help United Sikhs by: fund n feed those in need for Nepal Earthquake relief