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January 31 , 2010

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Haitians Worry About Out-Of-Touch Reports; Still Need Basic Supplies
AHN | All Headline News
Jerome pointed at the same zone, good work being done by the United Sikhs International, an organization serving food and water to nearly a thousand people ...
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Medical Community Rushes to Aid Victims of Haiti Quake
San Leandro India West
A second medical team organized by the United Sikhs flew to Haiti Jan. 25, carrying medical supplies, food and water. "Every building on the road side that ...
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Google Blogs Alert for: UNITED SIKHS | The Art and Culture of the Diaspora | The Gift of ...
By EDITOR January 27, 2010 (10 comment(s))
I had a chance to share my thoughts a few years ago. Sikhcess, United Sikhs and many other organizations in the Diaspora have taken concrete steps to restore the original intent ... - Articles Feed -
Muslim, Sikh, South Asian leaders demand end to racial profiling ...
Stand united and firm on Muslim issues: Muslim Ministers, MLAs told: What Muslims in India are lacking in since independence is a joint, persistent and vociferous effort ....Read Full. Maharashtra Waqf Board reclaims 120 acres from ...
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Want to keep your 1st Amendment rights? Read this!
By Elysia
... faiths and that those faiths were meant to have equal rights and protections under the United States Constitution, but that all of the other faiths, for example, Hindus, Pagans, Buddhists, Sikhs, Mormons, Jehovah's Witnesses, Jains, ...
Llewellyn Unbound -
Kashmiris, Nagas and Sikhs demand end to Indian Imperialism ...
By (Author )
On the occasion of India's Republic Day, a powerful joint appeal Tuesday to the international community by key Kashmiri, Naga and Sikh leaders has highlighted. ... In August 2009, the United States Commission for International Religious Freedoms put India on its 'watch list' of states that fail to protect such groups. In the UK, Muhammad Ghalib, Chair of the All Party Kashmir Co-ordination Committee, Amrik Singh Sahota , President of the Council of Khalistan, and the Naga ...
Pakistan Daily: The Pakistan News Agency -
The Irrational Spectre Of Creationism | Sikh Archives
By admin
In the United States there is growing pressure to teach creationism or “intelligent design” in science classes, despite legal rulings against it. Now similar trends in this country have prompted the Royal Society, Britain's leading ...
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The Brampton Guardian: Providing Local Community News for Brampton ...
Established in New York in 1999, the United Sikhs began as a social and economic ... Director of the United Sikhs organization in Toronto, Baljit Singh, ...


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