Turban Controversy
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Aug 28, 2007

Turban Controversy
No change in UK screening procedure
Tribune News Service

Amritsar, August 26

The department of transport, UK, has confirmed that there was no change in the existing procedures for screening turban-wearing Sikhs at its airports.

The United Sikhs in an email to The Tribune stated here today that an official from the transport security and emergency committee (TRANSEC), which draws up security guidelines for the United Kingdom airports, had confirmed that there was no need to pat down a Sikh's turban because a hand held wand was sufficient to determine the source of the alarm.

The official further added that if the hand-held wand bleeps when it was waved above the turban, the passenger would be requested to untie his turban in a private area and the search would be conducted with dignity.

The Sikhs all over the world have been concerned as the federal aviation administration in the USA had announced new procedures due to the emerging threat of improvised explosive devices (IED) and chemical weapons that could be hidden under headgear by the militants.

The spokesman for the United Sikhs said the aviation administration in the USA had agreed to once again meet various Sikh organisations in order to chalk out guidelines to ensure that the patting down procedure was not arbitrary and discriminatory after the Sikh civil rights organisations lodged their protest in this regard.

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