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US company to pay USD 24000 to Sikh man for discrimination
Jan 23 , 2008


New York, Jan 23 (PTI) An American security company has agreed to pay USD 24,000 as compensation to a Sikh man who had complained that he was discriminated against for wearing a turban.

Sukhdev Singh Brar, working in a Texas based security company had filed a complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission(EEOC) for being discriminated against for wearing a turban.


The EEOC filing an employment discrimination action against the security company has sought compensatory and punitive damages for Brar.


The company acknowledged the discriminatory policy and has agreed to post anti-discriminatory notices on all employee bulletin boards and pay Brar USD 24,000 as a part of settlement of the case, United Sikh, an advocacy group which helped settle the case, said today.


United Sikh said it explained to EEOC the edicts of the Sikh religion concerning Kesh (long hair) and turban.


The company has also agreed on a change in the policy with continued Sikh awareness training, to be provided by United Sikh.


"Sometimes discrimination that does not stem from direct hostility is nevertheless unlawful because a business has sought to satisfy prejudiced preferences projected on its clients," said Robert Canino, regional attorney for the EEOC's Dallas Office.


"This was a situation in which accommodating the religious observance or practice presented no hardship to the business objective of providing private security," he added. PTI


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