Bags of support for Earthquake schoolkids
Dec 12, 2005




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Bags of support for Earthquake schoolkids

Jasjot Kohli, Graduate Trainee in the Pensions Assurance Group, has become involved with a registered UK charity called United Sikhs (www.unitedsikhs.org), which has launched an appeal called the 'Fill a School Bag Appeal'.

The appeal is aimed at filling up school bags with school equipment for children in a town called Bagh, Pakistan.

The town and surrounding region was badly hit by the Asian Earthquake, and 400 schoolkids were left without books and supplies after their school was razed to the ground.

The aim of the appeal is to fill 400 schoolbags with equipment and pay for their freight to Islamabad, and since it was launched last week Jas has already raised over £1k through donations. The appeal is also backed by British Airways, who have donated 100kg of freight for free (equivalent to 66 bags), Pakistan International Airlines, who offer hugely discounted freighting rates, and Budget Car rentals providing a free van to use.

For more information or to make a donation, please contact Jas on x41114.

Updated 12 December, 2005

Article by Courtesy of Charity Newsbytes
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