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Sikh group donate books to Library in US

NEW YORK: United Sikhs, a coalition of several organisations, has donated 30 books on Sikhism to the Hercules Library in California under its Sikh Awareness Through Libraries (SATL) programme.

"We greatly appreciate United Sikhs for bringing these valuable materials to our libraries," Elliot Warren, Senior Community Library Manager, said while receiving the books.

"It will help bring communities together." SATL, as part of United Sikhs' Education and Empowerment initiative, aims to improve the availability of information on Sikh culture, history and religion via multimedia resources - books, DVDs, CDs and microfilms.

Under the SATL project, donors order books on the list of recommended books and resources. These are then donated to libraries of the donor's choice, including those in schools, universities and other educational institutions, throughout the world.

The objective, the organisation said, is to reach out to various demographics through multiple media to provide global access to reliable and complete information on Sikhs.

Donor of the books Amrik Singh said: "If everyone can join together to raise awareness on who Sikhs are and to make the Sikh appearance a more familiar sight, perhaps we can reduce bias and hate crimes on completely innocent people. Sikhism preaches love for all human beings, so it hardly seems fair that they are targeted for such attacks."