UNITED SIKHS collaborates with SikhGiving.Com and Aapna Punjab for a Drugs Awareness Campaign in Amritsar
July 11, 2006

SikhGiving.com will be taking up the project of tackling the drug menace in Punjab . The Sikh Giving sewadars noticed the huge problem of drugs on their recent visit to the villages in Amritsar district....

SikhGiving.com will be taking up the project of tackling the drug menace in Punjab . The Sikh Giving sewadars noticed the huge problem of drugs on their recent visit to the villages in Amritsar district. The youth could be seen moving about fully drugged and out of their senses. A young boy, well dressed, was riding a motorcycle and hitting it against a brick wall time and again, while another was walking unstable in the middle of the road. A person from the village told that this is a common sight in almost every village. It was a painful experience to be on the land of the Gurus and look at the youth spoiling their own life and that of their families. So, it was decided that a project against drugs should be taken up in Amritsar and its surrounding villages. SikhGiving will work on this project in collaboration with UNITED SIKHS & Aapna Punjab.

First week, SikhGiving team will investigate/survey specific areas of Punjab regarding the use of drugs by the youth. By the end of the first week, we will have the plan and asrea to target before we launch the official Drug Awareness booth campaign. For global Sangat, We will submit the report and the current situation of Drug abuse in Punjab .

Alcohol, smack, tobacco, opium, charas, ganja, mandrax, heroin, cough syrups, sleeping pills and other prescription drugs selling without prescriptions in Punjab . The recipe of the witches’ brew has many more items.

The drugs are easily obtainable, even kids can buy them if they have the money. One could buy these drugs at the numerous liquor vends, chemist shops, small stalls selling cigarettes and pan among other drugs and even the grocery shops in the villages.

Our goal is to study and educate the upcoming generation regarding the negative impact of DRUG Abuse on the society, their life and their families/relatives. Our Campaign will target on the students of high schools and colleges.

Awareness: Posters, Banners, advertisements in newspapers. Advertising is the most effective way to get our word across the town. We will run information booth for 14 days distributing flyers, brochures, literature and parental guidebook. Booth setup at Khalsa College is confirmed.

Drug Rehabilitation: Our campaign is about making strong defense for youth and make them Proud in saying "NO TO DRUGS." But at the same time, our team will also take full charge for the treatment/rehabilitation of drug addicts. We will continue to track and follow up the rehabilitated youth to ensure that they stay on the right path and that will help us or other organizations to study the post-effect of campaigns such like this.

This is a very expensive and long term project. Nobody can solve this social problem overnight thus it requires a lot of physical and financial help. It may take years and years to see the positive results in our society. Our team in collaboration with UNITED SIKHS will work for two weeks helping youth to understand the grave negative effects of drug abuse. The cost of such projects can run into thousands of dollars/pounds but we would like to keep a small target of $500 to meet the basic needs for this project, If more financial need arises we will continue to run the online donation to cover the cost of the project. SikhGiving team members will take care of their own personal expense of ride, stay and food. So, just like Project I, 100% of Sangat's money will be spent directly on the issue and proof of donation of every single person will be up on our website.

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Article by Courtesy of http://www.sikhsangat.org
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