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Urgent help called for IDPs in Pakistan
July 02 , 2009


Islamabad, July 2: Immediate relief is needed by IDPs (Internally Displaced People) from the Swat Valley, Pakistan, presently living at Gurudwara Panja Sahib, Hassan Abdal and in 19 camps, said the team members of UNITED SIKHS visiting IDPs here.


President of UNITED SIKHS-USA, Kuldip Singh said, “UNITED SIKHS needs to raise $117,514 USD to provide immediate humanitarian relief to IDPs from the Swat Valley who are living in poor conditions. We request the public to donate generously to provide the most vulnerable children and women IDPs with immediate life-saving humanitarian and advocacy support.”


Reiterating the need for an immediate humanitarian relief for IDPs in Pakistan, chief executive officer of Pakistan’s National Trust For Population Welfare, Mr. Iftikhar Durrani, said that there has been a delay in the provision of adequate relief promised by the European Union and the United States.


“The humanitarian aid pledged by the USA and the European Union has not reached the camps yet. The Pakistan government and UN agencies are struggling to maintain humane conditions at the IDP camps,” Durrani added.


Revealing the details about the deplorable living conditions of IDPs in the camps, he said that there was no provision of even clean drinking water or toilets. Durrani hoped for an early return of these IDPs to their homes in the Swat Valley in the next 20 days or so.

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