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GHANAIA Press Releases & Community Voices

» July 28, 2005 (PR)
UNITED SIKHS launches Tailoring Center and Computer Center

» April 22, 2005 (CV)
Community Update

» April 17, 2005 (CV)
55 Families return to their village after the tsunami and 400 more wait their turn

» April 14, 2005 (CV)
Vasakhi with Tsunami Survivors in Navaladdy

» March 22, 2005 (PR)
Fifth relief shipment received at Campbell Bay camps

» March 15, 2005 (PR)
Donger Singh admitted to Apollo Hospital, Chennai—Gurudwara Sahib El Sobrante, California Sponsors the Treatment

» March 04, 2005 (CV)
URGENT HELP NEEDED: The Case of Donger Singh

» February 28, 2005 (PR)
Campbell Bay Sangat Heals—Slowly but Surely

» February 24, 2005 (CV)
How a Group of Washington Sikhs Responded to the Call for Tsunami Relief Volunteers

» February 19, 2005 (PR)
American Trauma Experts Join UNITED SIKHS in Sri Lanka Relief Effort…

» February 09, 2005 (CV)
Joys and Sorrows—Campbell Bay Sikh Community Needs to Share With You

» February 08, 2005 (CV)
Community call for Tsunami Relief Donations from UNITED SIKHS Sri Lankan Base Camp in Batticaloa

» January 31, 2005 (PR)
UNITED SIKHS to send third set of shipment and volunteers to Campbell Bay relief mission

» January 29, 2005 (PR)
UNITED SIKHS expands tsunami relief efforts in Sri Lanka

» January 27, 2005 (PR)
UNITED SIKHS continues its relief efforts in the devestated Thai island of Phi Phi

» January 26, 2005 (PR)
UNITED SIKHS to start langar sewa in Sri Lanka for tsunami relief

» January 24, 2005 (CV)
UNITED SIKHS Continues to Gain Momentum—another cargo of relief sent to Campbell Bay

» January 23, 2005 (CV)
The Sikh community in Nicobar needs you—an appeal from UNITED SIKHS

» January 21, 2005 (PR)
UNITED SIKHS relief team arrives in Sri Lanka

» January 21, 2005 (PR)
UNITED SIKHS Wins SGPC and Pingalwara Support for Rehabilitation of Tsunami Hit Nicobar

» January 18, 2005 (PR)
UNITED SIKHS in Thailand, Providing Medical Assistance & Counselling

» January 18, 2005 (PR)
UNITED SIKHS Starts Langar Next Week at Nicobar and Lobbies Panjab to Help Islanders

» January 14, 2005 (PR)
Nicobar Relief Camps in Need of Food Supplies and Clothing

» January 13, 2005 (SP)
UNITED SIKHS Flies Into Nicobar Islands

» January 13, 2005 (PR)
GHANAIA Tsunami Relief Efforts in South India

» January 06, 2005 (CV)
Tsunami Relief Aid - Trials & Tribulations

» January 01, 2005 (CV)
UNITED SIKHS Launches GHANAIA Tsunami Relief Project