January 27 2010
15th Maagh (Samvat 541 Nanakshahi)
Press Release

Haitian Mayor Requests More Langgar (hot meals) for Victims

UNITED SIKHS AID increase hot meals distribution in Haiti

Port-au-Prince:  UNITED SIKHS' volunteers today increased their langgar (community hot-meal) distribution to 5000 meals a day following a request from the Mayor of Carrefour, Yvonne Gerome. UNITED SIKHS AID volunteers served in three different locations at Carrefour, one of the worst earthquake hit cities in Haiti. In these difficult times the situation is getting desperate.

Survivors lined up in front of Hot Meals truck   Sarvinder Singh distributing Hot Meals

1500 hot-meals alone were served in Cite Soleil, the poorest section of Port Au Prince. City police force helped UNITED SIKHS AID volunteers during distribution. Volunteers chose the location based on information from Dominican Republic’s  Medical Post Representative, Mr Alphonso, that more than 1000 children at that location were in dire need of  food and water. 
It was heartbreaking to see so many hungry children in line for the food’, said Harcharan Singh, UNITED SIKHS volunteer from Toronto.

"I express my gratitude for your most needed efforts to provide hot-meals to the Haitian people affected by the Earthquake" said   Administrador General  of Comodores Economicos Estados Dominican Republic, Mr Nicholas Calderon, who visited the UNITED SIKHS base camp
Balwant Singh distributing Hot Meals   Survivors lining up for hot meals

"The Global community along with Sikhs should support this hot-meal drive to help feed the hungry" said Lt Col Gurbachan Singh, UNITED SIKHS’ Disaster Relief Director

UNITED SIKHS AID Volunteers packing Meals in Boxes   Sarvinder Singh with Kids in a Make Shift Camp

A team of 4 Langgar sevadars ( hot meals volunteers) are flying from Guru Nanak Gurudwara, Surrey, Canada to join the UNITED SIKHS AID team in Haiti on Thursday.

More doctors for the UNITED SIKHS Medical teams are flying from Chicago, Charlotte, Dayton, and Seattle in the following weeks, to help survivors. The team would have rehab doctor, primary care doctors and occupational therapist.
A child looks serenely at Paramjit Singh, who joined Balwant Singh (right pix) and other volunteers mainly from Canada and USA, to cook and distribute hot meals

Hundreds of thousands earthquake affected people are living in makeshift camps made out of bed sheets and are without water and electricity.

A newborn Baby was born in a makeshift camp after the earthquake

UNITED SIKHS is sending food and supplies from Miami using all possible means of air and sea routes.
"We believe in serving the needy and feeding the hungry. Haiti is in desperate need of food, water and supplies. The generous support from worldwide community would help us sustain our commitment to serve the survivors ” said Kuldip Singh, President, UNITED SIKHS, USA

Your donation of any amount could help save lives by providing food, water, temporary shelter, medical services and emotional support to people in need.

You may read a previous press release on the Global Sikh Civil Rights Conference at: http://www.unitedsikhs.org/rtt/sikhconf/

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