Recognize the Human Race as One!

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Dear Supporter Ji,

New York, USA- On November 2, I witnessed the Sikh, Jewish, and Muslim communities join forces to combat hunger in New York City by feeding homeless people in upper Manhattan. What better way to live up to the ideals of Guru Nanak Dev Ji, to remember the 1984 Martyrs, to celebrate solidarity?

As I began to place banana slices on bread while my younger sister spread the jelly, a Jewish woman by the name of Valerie introduced herself and began to ask questions about Sikhism. She wanted to know why Sikhs do not cut their hair and what our faith teaches us.

While attempting to answer her questions, I realized that this trip had helped me communicate with people with differing views while also finding some common ground. I walked out of that basement having learned a bit more about this beautiful way of life given to us by our Gurus.

We settled in front of New York Presbyterian Hospital and waited for people to come and get their meal. Hukam rajaee chalna Nanak likhiya naal…With smiles of gratitude on their faces, people walked out of the shelter and received the bags of food from one of our many eager volunteers, expressing thanks the entire time. I am also amazed at the excitement of our volunteers ranging from 8 to 50+ years in age, in giving and sharing with others.

Driving back home late that night, in a warm car surrounded by my friends, I became aware of all the things I have in my life, and I thank Waheguru ji for it. He gives me so much and I take it all, rarely stopping to think of those less fortunate than me. But that is the duty of a Sikh, to share with the needy, accept His Will and Recognize the Human Race as One!

I hope you can share your dasvandh with us so my friends and I can continue to follow the steps of our Guru Sahib in providing to the needy. To donate, please click here.

In Chardi Kala,
Jaskiran Kaur.
UNITED SIKHS Youth Volunteer.