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December 14, 2010
1st Poh (Samvat 542 Nanakshahi)
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THIS WEEKEND in Canada: the Global Sikh Community Gears Up for the 3rd Global Sikh Civil Rights Conference!


  • UNITED SIKHS presents the 3rd Annual Global Sikh Civil Rights Conference in Surrey, Canada
  • The theme for the conference is Protect Our Identity; continuing our global campaign launched earlier this year
  • Community leaders and members to engage in a dialogue with experts, advocates, authors, and academics on topics of Sikh civil and human rights.
  • Get conference details HERE!
  • Register for the conference HERE NOW!
  • Please also take a moment to complete our Global Civil Rights Survey that we have been compiling since 2008. Make your voice heard, fill in the survey by clicking here

On December 17, 18, and 19 2010 Sikhs, academics and civil rights advocates from across the world will gather in Surrey, British Columbia for the 3rd Annual Global Sikh Civil Rights Conference. The UNITED SIKHS staff and volunteers are gearing up for a very exciting, informative and inspiring event, so save the date and join us in Canada!

The theme for this year’s conference is Protect Our Identity, building upon the work of our Protect Our Identity (POI) Campaign launched earlier this year which has been gaining momentum within the global Sikh community.

This year's speakers include Liberal MP for Vancouver Sukh Dhaliwal; renowned human rights academic Cynthia Mahmood; Dan Mach of American Civil Liberties Union; Karen Narasaki from the Asian American Justice Center; academic Professor Sukhsimranjit Singh; attorney and human rights lawyer Palbinder Kaur Shergill; Ginger McCall of the Electronic Privacy Information Center; Becky Monroe, the director of the U.S. Dept of Justice Community Relations Service (DOJ/ CRS);  Jessi Kaur representing Kaur Foundation; community activist Kiranjot Kaur; UNITED SIKHS volunteers, and members of the Sikh community. 

The global conference provides a unique opportunity for both community leaders and members to engage in a dialogue with experts, advocates, authors, and academics about the pressing civil and human rights issues that most affect the Sikh community. Not only does the conference provide a stimulating and thought provoking forum to learn about the current state of civil and human rights for Sikh communities around the world, it also galvanizes the community to act together in developing solutions and resolutions to combat discrimination in all forms. Do not miss the opportunity to be a part of this discussion!

Last year's Global Sikh Civil Rights conference in Toronto.

What’s new about the conference this year? First, it will be held in the beautiful and vibrant city of Surrey, just 30 minutes from Vancouver! This area is the home of the largest Sikh community in North America. Also, for the first time, UNITED SIKHS will be screening Sikh films, including "Holy Kitchens" and "Harvest of Grief". This year we are looking to actively engage the youth community by hosting panels/events exploring the challenges that young Sikhs face today. Youth topics include bullying prevention and protecting the Sikh identity. Other panel topics will include minority rights under international law, articles of faith and religious accommodations, and women’s rights.

As always, UNITED SIKHS needs your support in continuing its efforts to advocate on behalf of the civil and human rights of the Sikh community. If you are interested in lending a hand and helping us with the conference, please do not hesitate to contact our Legal Fellow Ilana Ofgang at law-usa@unitedsikhs.org or Susan Kaur, susan.kaur@unitedsikhs.org, 902 672 2245.

Note to editors:

UNITED SIKHS is a U.N. affiliated international non-profit, non-governmental, humanitarian relief, human development and advocacy organization.

The Global Sikh Civil Rights Conference is an annual global gathering of human rights lawyers, politicians, judges, activists, multifaith representatives, and leaders and members of the Sikh community. Organized by UNITED SIKHS, this global conference provides an open arena for discussion of ideas and concerns that most affect Sikhs as a community.

Click here to read about last year's Global Sikh Civil Rights Conference.


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Since 2008, UNITED SIKHS has compiled surveys in order to publish a yearly report where a community across borders voices its opinions on the current practices, future policies and the overall state of human and civil rights of Sikhs in their respective countries. 

Now is your chance to participate and make your voice heard! Click on the link below and complete the 2010 Global Sikh Civil Rights Survey.


Forward the link to friends and family who may be interested in participating. The more people complete the questionnaire, the stronger we can advocate for our rights in the global community.

Protect Our Identity Campaign

Protect Our Identity (POI) is an ongoing international campaign launched by UNITED SIKHS in August 2010 . It focuses on the need to protect the Sikh community's right to express its religious identity.  Initiatives under the POI campaign include:

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