May 15 2010
1st Jeth (Samvat 542 Nanakshahi)
Press Release

UNITED SIKHS Urges You to Attend Protest Tomorrow against Death Penalty in London

Where: Prime Minister’s Residence, Downing Street, London
When: Sunday, May 16th, from 1pm-4pm

London, UK -Sikhs from around the UK are expected to gather at this protest to oppose the death penalty and help save the lives of 17 young men.

According to the Sikh Channel Advisory Board, who are leading this campaign, Indian NGO Lawyers for Human Rights International (LFHRI) released information stating that “CCTV footage used in court against these men had been forged and that the 17 men have been tortured, beaten with clubs, subjected to electric shocks, deprived of sleep until forced to confess to the murder of a man in Dubai.”

They also stated that “The Sikh religion has been mocked and slandered according to LFHRI. The lawyers who spoke to the tortured men heard how the officials in Sharjah jail made the prisoners stamp on religious bracelets and necklaces until they broke into pieces, then torment the men about what their God is doing for them.”

"It is the duty of all people who support the rule of law to stand up for these individuals who face the death penalty. The act of extinguishing the lives of 17 young men would be the most heinous of unjust treatment, no matter what. The reports that the trial, evidence, and investigation have all been a hellish circus should make every ethical individual in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) decry the unlawful treatment of these men. We appeal upon the highest levels of government in the UAE to put an immediate stop on any chance of these men being killed, investigate the allegations of torture, re-investigate the crime these men are accused of committing while respecting their human rights, and to retry these men in a fair and just trial," stated Ravjeet Singh, UNITED SIKHS-UK community advocacy director.

Where: Prime Minister’s Residence, Downing Street, London
When: Sunday, May 16th, from 1pm-4pm

Issued by:
Harsharen Kaur

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