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Press Release: 07th Sep 2008, Sunday      23rd Bhadon (Samvat 540 Nanakshahi )

Press Release

UNITED SIKHS Provides relief to Hundreds of villagers in the aftermath of Panjab Flooding

Jalandhar, Panjab – UNITED SIKHS Sikh Aid team from Punjab distributed food supplies to 250 flood affected families in villages Sambhala, Mandala, Gidderpindi, Daarewal in Lohiyan area. Each family was provided with dry ration Wheat floor, Dal, Chana, Ghee, Sugar, Tea, Salt and milk powder. Villagers whose homes were severely damaged got tarpaulins for roof tops.

Distribution of Supplies:

Total 20,000 meals would be served from the ration supplied to villagers. Cash donations were also provided to some needy family in village Sanewal.

UNITED SIKHS Volunteers from GGS College of Eng. & Tech, Talwandi Sabo with relief material

Sarpanch Ranjodh Singh of village Wara Jodh Singh said “On behalf of Panchayat, I thank UNITED SIKHS for providing the villagers with emergency relief and food supply. I request the Sikh community in foreign countries to pay attention to the grim situation and help us”

Sarpanch Premlal village Sambhala said “I thank the Sikh Aid team for providing us the most need tarpaulin for roof top”

Sarpanch Baljeet Singh village Gidderpindi thanked the Sikh Aid relief team and requested Cattle feed for 900 hungry animals in the village. Cattle and other liverstock are hungry with no food.

Distributing food relief to villagers

Sarpanch Gyan Singh of Daarewaal village said, “Our villages need tents, tarpaulin, plastic sheets and canvas sheets for temporary roof arrangements. We need food supply and blankets for villagers”

Bhai Amrik Singh, UNITED SIKHS relief coordinator said “Cattle food supply has become more essential in area than ever before. The crisis may leads to severe damage in milk and diary product industry. Thousands of people survive on diary products”

DONATE now to assist the Panjab Flood Relief 2008. To send your contribution to UNITED SIKHS please contact us at 9818096705 or give online at http://www.unitedsikhs.org/donate.php . To print a relief poster for your local community center, workplace, or place of worship, please click here.

Bhai Amrik Singh
Gurudwara Nijamundinpur
Kala Bakra, Jalandhar

Relief Coordinator: Harinder Singh Phone: +91-(0)9463573036

Volunteers, with food and supplies, are continuing to arrive at the disaster affected areas to further support the relief effort.

If you wish to volunteer please email sikhaid@unitedsikhs.org

Issued By:
Daljit Singh
Phone: (0)981 8096 705

*Editor Note: This figure has been revised from 1000 Kg to reflect the total amount donated


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