Press Release: Tuesday 1st November, 2005 (20th Katak, Samvat 537 Nanakshahi)

UNITED SIKHS 'Adopts' 170 Families to Construct Their Shelter Homes in 7 Devastated Villages in Kashmir (India)

UPLINA Village in Patti Fatehpura First to Receive Building Materials


UNITED SIKHS Base Camp: Baramulla, J&K
Camp Coordinator: Bhai Esher Singh, 91-9906771207

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UNITED SIKHS volunteers with truck of tin-sheets in Baramulla.

Srinagar, Jammu & Kashmir (J&K)—With winter ahead, people in the mountain villages eagerly look for more help from relief agencies. UNITED SIKHS has identified 170 Sikh families and several others who are in dire need of shelter homes in the cold mountain weather. The UNITED SIKHS GHANAIA Asian Earthquake relief team made a feasibility study after consulting the local Sikh community and decided to construct "hut shape slope" shelter houses. These houses will have tin-roofs with wooden ceilings to reduce heat loss.

Distribution of Building material for tin-sheet-roof in Uplina.

A tin-roof house is estimated to cost Rs 25,000 rupees ($500/£300) in Kashmir. The total cost for 170 houses is $87,000 (£51,000) (including tools and hardware required for building the houses.)

A fund raising campaign was launched last Sunday at Guru Nanak Gurdwara, Sedgley Street, Wolverhampton, United Kingdom, to appeal to individual members of the sangat to co-'adopt' the building of one home each with UNITED SIKHS. UNITED SIKHS appeals to all Gurdwaras to start a similar campaign so that the 170 homes may be built before the first snowfall.

Villagers receiving Building material for tin-sheet-roofs in Uplina.

"The temperature goes down to freezing point and the wind chill factor makes the relief effort harder. Moving from one village to another in cold weather is difficult. We don't see anyone on the road after 6 pm" said Davinderpal Singh of UNITED SIKHS, who is stationed at Baramulla. He added, "We have less than 2 weeks to build shelter homes before snow falls in the area."

Distribution of Blankets to families in Uplina.

Uplina, is a small village in the Patti Fatehpura division, with only a Sikh population. The 800 Uplina Villagers, the first ones to receive assistance from UNITED SIKHS to build their shelter homes, were very grateful. "Winter would have been terrible for us, we are thankful to young volunteers from UNITED SIKHS for helping us with tin-sheets and Blankets" said one villager. 25 families received tin-sheets and building material to build their shelter homes before snow fall.

The UNITED SIKHS Shelter Home construction Project Team in Kashmir-India.

  1. Chief Project Coordinator - Bhai Esher Singh
  2. Supervisor/Overseer: Davindarpal Singh, Harbhajan Singh, Inderjit Singh, Jorawar Singh, Jaspreet Singh, Deewan Singh Madan
  3. Skilled Worker/Labor: Local workers
  4. Engineer: Joginder Singh, Civil Engg,
  5. Col. Chamkaur Singh: Logistics, supplies, and security

Villages Identified

  1. Tribuni
  2. Simbalpura
  3. Uri
  4. Slamabad
  5. Legaima
  6. Sialkot Rafiabad
  7. Uplina

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Kuldip Singh

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