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Community Voice

Saturday, 30 December 2006

16th Poh, Samvat 538

Local Residents, Flood Survivors and Relief Agencies Rally Round to Support Flood-Affected Malays

UNITED SIKHS Continue to Work with MERCY Malaysia and the Local Sikh Community to Provide Emergency Relief to those Affected by the Flood

Muar, Malaysia: Malaysians have once again been showing their amazing hospitality and kindness as local residents, flood survivors and relief agencies work together and continue to provide emergency relief to those who need it. The overwhelming support was emphasised again yesterday, as UNITED SIKHS continued to distribute family hygiene packs containing toothbrushes, toothpaste and soap and also milk powder for babies and cartons of mineral water, the latter which were kindly donated by Excon Shopping Mart and whose staff also packed 1000 hygiene kits. UNITED SIKHS also teamed with MERCY Malaysia and the local Sikh community, to provide emergency supplies to flood victims temporarily housed in SMK Sungai Raya Secondary School on Tuesday, located approximately 30km South-West of Muar town. Click here to read press reports of UNITED SIKHS' flood relief work.

The SMK Sungai Raya Secondary School has provided 110 families with temporary accommodation until the water levels in their villages recede. However, the school’s capacity to accommodate only 500 hundred people were stretched to house an additional 70 people as more and more victims poured in during the night. UNITED SIKHS and MERCY Malaysia helped provide hygiene kits containing toothbrushes, towels, toothpaste and soap. Current need is constantly re-evaluated and supplies change to reflect this.

Encik Ramli, the Co-ordinator of the Victims at SMK Sungai Raya Secondary School, stated, “we are very grateful for the materials that were donated as many of my fellow villagers have lost their homes and have very few possessions left. With the Muslim celebrations of Hari Raya Haji on the 31st of December 2006 the supplies are welcome.”

“We are continually amazed at the strength and spirit of the local victims of the flood, as well as the local residents who are not affected and who continually strive to help, by donating vehicles and other such possessions to help the relief efforts wherever they can. We are eternally grateful to Mrs Sukhdev Kaur and the local Muar Sikh community.” Said Kiran Kaur, a volunteer on the Flood Relief Team.

Text Box: Left: UNITED SIKHS Volunteers with some of the people who have benefited from emergency relief supplies.


Whilst arranging for the distribution of supplies donated by UNITED SIKHS (the balance of 308 family hygiene packs), the team also managed to review with the Social Welfare Department, supplies which are being provided and those needs that are not currently being met. Current needs comprise of items ranging from sanitary towels for the women to mats and blankets for the elderly as well as food and diapers for the babies, cooking oil.

Wednesday by another four volunteers from the local Sikh community of Muar who helped in the loading and unloading of the supplies. Furthermore, apart from the use of the two four wheel drives donated by Bhagwan Singh, the District Social Welfare had also given UNITED SIKHS the use of a lorry and four of its members for the transporting of the kits.

“It is always wonderful to see the true human spirit which comes through when such disasters strikes. We have seen the strength in the people to whom we are providing supplies and have witnessed a great unity in the relief organisations who are helping on the ground. UNITED SIKHS have also been in touch with Malkith Singh of Global Sikhs and both organisations have offered to help each other whenever the need arises.” Said Rishiwant Singh, UNITED SIKHS Flood Relief Co-ordinator.

Some supplies were also taken to Mersing, a town located on the east coast of Johor, by the Mercy team. Mersing was previously not affected by the floods until two days ago, where constant downpour lasting two days forced 200 families (700 people) to evacuate their homes on Wednesday 27th December 2006.


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Issued by:
Meerat Kaur
Executive Director

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