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Friday, 16 September 2005

2 Assu (Samvat 537 Nanakshahi)

UNITED SIKHS Makes a Difference to the Lives of New Orleans Evacuees

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Navneet Singh with kids at a shelter home.
Navneet Singh with kids at a shelter home.

Baton Rouge, Louisiana: UNITED SIKHS served food and prepared snack bags for evacuees at the Allen Chapel AME Church near Baton Rouge. Working with the Federal Emergency Management Agency ( FEMA ), it was discovered that Allen Chapel needed volunteers to prepare and serve food. A team of four UNITED SIKHS volunteers was promptly dispatched to the church for help.

The volunteers also served at the Plaquemine Civic Center in the city of Plaquemine, 45 miles east of Baton Rouge. "The team served food but they just didn't stop there. They helped to load boxes of supply materials from supply trucks to their warehouses and then later spent time talking to the survivors and providing emotional support to the kids as well. I was there and it was simple help but amazingly moving at the same time" said Navneet Singh, UNITED SIKHS director.

Kuldip Singh making a list of required items.
Kuldip Singh making a list of required items

UNITED SIKHS has continued to assist at the FEMA field office where volunteers Jaspreet Singh and Baldeep Singh are developing an application for tracking relief grants issued to the Katrina hurricane victims by FEMA.

UNITED SIKHS has promised to provide volunteers to Pastor Broxie at the Community Worship centre in Napoleonville LA, who will serve hot meals and help evacuees file rapid claims electronically.

Baldeep Singh examining an injury.
Baldeep Singh examining an injury.

Tvette Fountain, 45, an evacuee at the Shekinah Glory Shelter home told UNITED SIKHS director, Kuldip Singh, that they felt like the world was 'coming down' and they feared for their lives. Tvette and her husband Kenith, said that their house near Canal Street, New Orleans was flooded with about 6 feet of water. They hitched a ride in a truck and took shelter at the Shekinah Glory shelter home. Tvette was finally able to talk to her son, who was separated during the hurricane after 10 days.

Albert, 44, told Baldeep Singh that he drove to New Orleans in a truck to rescue his neighbor Mozes, 83, who lived in a trailer there. Both of them are now at the Shekinah Glory shelter home. Mozes has a swollen foot, is very sick and needs to see a doctor. A UNITED SIKHS medical team arrives this weekend to help evacuees who need medical attention at the shelter.

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