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08 February 2005 Magh 24, 536 Nanakshshi

Community call for Tsunami Relief Donations from UNITED SIKHS Sri Lankan Base Camp in Batticaloa.

Batticaloa, Sri Lanka: After over two weeks of travels in the tsunami ravaged areas of Sri Lanka, setting up of a base camp in Batticaloa district, working with various communities and providing first hand immediate aid UNITED SIKHS is requesting individuals and organizations around the world to provide aid for the relief efforts.

With multiple organizations and individuals working in the tsunami ravaged areas providing emergency assistance for over a month now the need for material and monetary assistance to sustain the relief efforts is still very critical.

“Basic amenities like clean water, food and sustainable shelter are still not available for thousands of families and children affected by the tsunami.” according to Kulvinder Singh who is project leader for the UNITED SIKHS relief efforts in Sri Lanka.

The relief efforts are being sustained by the courage and generosity of individuals and organizations from around the world traveling to Sri Lanka and other areas in South Asia affected by the tsunami.

Individuals and organizations around the world can assist in relief efforts by donating sanitary goods, dry canned food, nutrients like vitamins and minerals, kitchen supplies including utensils, small tents for shelter.

According to relief worker Gurwinder Kaur, “Monetary donations are very critical in building up basic infrastructure like housing, cooking facilities, bathrooms and water filtration and storage systems. These donations will go a long way in re-building families uprooted by the tsunami”

“We are now entering the second phase of rehabilitation”, said team leader Kulwinder Singh.

Dutch bar area is situated in the Batticaloa district and which was surrounded by lagoon and sea. The inhabitants of 278 families of this area were displaced to Cecilia’s convent refugee camp as the Tsunami washed off this area completely.

The displaced people of this refugee camp wish to return to the normal life and they have made a request to supply them the tools and articles to undertake their usual occupation. Provision of fund to purchase the tools will be very helpful to encourage them to occupy in the former occupation.

As per our reports from the refugee camp inhabited by 278 Muslim families the UNTIED SIKHS has undertaken to support the following:

  1. Provision of tools for 90 carpenters at the rate of 30,000.00/ ($303.030) - 2700,000.00 (27,272.73 USD)

  2. Provision of tools to 12 Black smith at the rate of 15,000/ ($151.515) - 180,000.00 (1,818.18 USD)

  3. Provision of tools to 5 Masons at the rate 15,000/- ($151.515) 75,000.00 (757.576 USD)

  4. Provision of tools to 10 welders at the rate of 25,000/- ($252.525) 250,000.00 (2525.25 USD)

  5. Provision of tools to 5 Mechanics at the rate of 6000 /- ($60.061) 30,000.00 (300.305 USD)

  6. Provision of tools to 10 cycle Mechanics at the rate of 5000/- (50.501) 50,000.00 (505.01 USD)

  7. Provision of tools to 5 Tinkers at the rate of 15,000/- ($151.515) 75,000.00 (757.576 USD)

  8. Provision of tools to 3 Motorcycle mechanics at the rate of 30,000/- ($303.030) 90,000.00 (909.09 USD)

  9. Provision of tools to 5 Painters at the rate of 22,000/- ($222.222) 110,000.00 (1111.11 USD)

  10. Provision of tools to 20 Tailors at the rate of 25,000/- ($252.525) 500,000.00 (5050.50 USD)

Total: 4060,000.00 LKR (Sri Lankan Rupees) OR 41,010.327 USD

UNITED SIKHS is committed to help this camp to get back to normalcy. Khalsaji we need your help. Please send us money to buy the equipment for the above. Please write behind your checks ‘For Sri Lanka’.

Currently UNITED SIKHS has bought 1 month.s supply of vegetables in a camp at Trincomalee that houses Tamil families from a village in Vellore. There were pregnant women at the camp. The kitchen head told UNITED SIKHS team leader, Kulwinder Singh, that since Dec 26 till Jan 19th the people in the camp have not had any vegetables.

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This ensures that whilst construction of permanent homes (Phase 3) takes place, displaced families are temporarily housed in an environment with acceptable standards of living to curtail the outbreak of disease and restore some sense of dignity.

Tamil Rehabilitation Organization (TRO) has played a very positive role in building temporary shelter facilities in all 5 affected districts (starting with Vadaramachchi East in Jaffna and Thalaiyady in Mullaithivu) and villages based on semi-permanent houses in Trincomalee and Batticaloa. UNITED SIKHS is working with a Consortium of Humanitarian Associations (CHA) and TRO.

UNTITED SIKHS continues to provide aid to Sri Lanka in the second phase of rehabilitation. As per our team leader, .In the second phase, the schools, churches, mosques will be emptied to move people to semi-permanent structures.. UNITED SIKHS is considering the TRO.s proposal for the third level of rehabilitation as it works its way through the second phase of rehabilitation.

Please keep the mission of Bhai Ghanaiyaji alive. Help support the Tsunami victims.

From the UNITED SIKHS Base camp team in Sri Lanka
Kulwinder Singh
(00)-(94) (0) 7769 74721
Team Leader: Kulwinder Singh

UNITED SIKHS will update you as we receive reports. For Relief Team updates see:

Please donate, even if you cannot give a lot. Your contribution will help victims directly.


You may donate online by clicking above, or by cheque payable to UNITED SIKHS, and mail to a UNITED SIKHS regional office.

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