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Community Voice: 22nd Jun 2009, Monday         8th Harh (Samvat 541 Nanakshahi )

Community Voice

Feed the Hungry and Remember the Innocent of 1984

Fresno, California, USA – UNITED SIKHS volunteers in Fresno will feed several hundred homeless people, on 23rd June 2009, outside Poverello House, to remember the loss of innocent lives 25 years ago in Panjab and also in Delhi when thousands of men women and children were killed. This dark period of Sikh history saw the attack in June 1984 on the Sikh holiest shrine, Darbar Sahib, (The Golden Temple) in Amritsar, India, and then in New Delhi and other parts of India in November 1984.

Poverello House is a private, nonprofit, non-denominational organization that serves the hungry, homeless, and destitute of Fresno, California. Poverello House began officially in 1973, but its history goes back much further.

The Fresno event will kick off a regular program to Feed The Hungry in USA, which is a part of a global project started by UNITED SIKHS. The first event was in Toronto in February, followed by London, UK, in April, to help those in need during the current economic crisis. See a clip of the Feed the Hungry London event on 11th April at http://vimeo.com/4141731.

The Feed the Hungry Fresno event will take place on Tuesday at 11a.m. at Poverello House at 412 "F" Street, Fresno, CA 93706. The Langgar (community meal) comprising or rice and curry beans will be prepared and packed from 5am at the Gurdwara Sahib Nanaksar (Cherry). The poster for the event can be seen here.

"We need donors and volunteers to deliver foodstuff at the Gurdwara Sahib Nanaksar on Monday 22nd June and to help in preparation and packing of food on Tuesday from 5am until 10am," said Jaspreet Kaur, who is coordinating the event. Volunteers are also sought to do keertan (devotional singing) at the Gurdwara and also to convey volunteers and packed food to Poverello House. If you wish to donate any foodstuff, which needs to be dropped off at the Gurdwara on Monday, please refer to the list of food needed here.

Do you feel free to pass this email to your friends and family. If anyone has any special requirements/needs please do let us know and we will surely accommodate that.

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Manpreet Kaur

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