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Peru Flood Relief 2017

A policeman rescues a boy who was among people trapped in buildings by flash flooding in Lima, Peru.
The El Niño climate phenomenon is causing muddy rivers to overflow along the Peruvian coast, isolating communities Photo: AFP

For months, Peruvians have been experiencing unusually heavy rain. Over past few weeks, the situation deteriorated, resulting in floods, landslides and mud flows across the country. The worst floods and mudslides in almost 30 years are now affecting over half of Peru. Experts say the weather phenomenon is the result of an abnormal warming of Pacific water caused by El Niño. More than 75 people have lost their lives and tens of thousands are homeless.

There has also been significant damage to infrastructure. Bridges have collapsed as rivers have breached their banks, and cows and pigs have turned up on beaches after being carried away by rivers. Entire roads and bridges have been swept away, towns have been engulfed and farmland has been turned to muddy swamp. It has led to more than 800 towns and cities declaring states of emergency, and brought about a rise in the price of food.

In many areas there is no electricity, no drinking water, and no transit because streets are flooded. The vast majority of people affected by the extreme weather are poor, including many who built makeshift homes on floodplains that had been dry for 20 years. Police have been deployed to keep law and order in flood-ravaged areas.

Since the start of the year, a series of devastating floods in Peru have left 100 dead and thousands more homeless.

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