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Vaheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Vaheguru Ji Ki Fateh

Re: Support for the UNITED SIKHS GHANAIA Tsunami Relief project Team



Dear Saadh Sangat and Management,

UNITED SIKHS (www.unitedsikhs.org), a global non-profit non-governmental human development organisation, would be grateful if you would count us worthy for receiving any donations that you collect for the Tsunami victims. UNITED SIKHS has been involved in global panthic issues having taken the lead in the Right To Turban issue in France since last year. We have now constituted a global legal team to assist the litigation in France.

UNITED SIKHS is committed to the Tsunami relief work for three reasons:

  • that surviving families of Sikhs and other communities receive direct help from the Sikh community;
  • to commemorate the tri centenary of the Sikh 'Red Cross’ movement when Guru Gobind Singh ji handed a first-aid box to Bhai Ghanaia to nurse the war-wounded friend and foe alike;
  • to make Sikhs known through the global media as a seva oriented community.

Sikhs are a Seva oriented community, however, we are not in the public eye as being such. Gurdwaras around the world have collected a lot of donations for the Tsunami victims. However, no Sikh organisation has been mentioned in the local or international media. UNITED SIKHS hopes that through this Relief effort, Sikhs will become more visible. This presence is crucial especially post 9/11 as Sikhs have suffered a backlash. The Right To Turban issue in France and the Gursikh facing prosecution in Denmark in Jan 2005 for possessing a Kirpan, point to that.

UNITED SIKHS is unable to do door to door fundraising as we are preoccupied with relief work. Therefore your sangat are our greatest hope to help us deliver our objectives to the victims. For details on how to send donations to us see http://unitedsikhs.org/reliefproject.html#donate

UNITED SIKHS is pre-occupied with mobilising relief teams to help the Tsunami victims. We have sent a 5 member team to Kuala Lumpur (including a young Dr Sushleelwant Kaur from Wolverhampton, UK) . At Kuala Lumpur our Team has bought supplies and will join other members from the Sikh Naujawan Sabha Malaysia for Acheh, Indonesia on Friday, 7th Jan 05. The delay is due to the accident at the Acheh airstrip 2 days ago. 

Two more UNITED SIKHS teams will leave for Chennai and Sri Lanka this weekend. They comprise volunteers who responded  to our global call for volunteers through our website and yahoo groups mail shot. Our Relief Team comprise medical and general volunteers from UK, Singapore, Malaysia, US Canada and India.

See press release at http://www.unitedsikhs.org/PressReleases/010105.html (attached).

The Chennai team will work under the umbrella group set up by DC of Cuddalor, Gagandeep Singh Bedi's, called Guru Nanak Sarbat Sikh Sangat, to provide rehbilitation facilities to the victims. According to Mr Gagandeep Singh the current requirement is for resettlement as the victims lare now in refugee camps.

Efforts are afoot to assist the thousands of Sikhs who are still in Great Nicobar island (despite rumours that all have been evacuated). To date no relief org has ben allowed access by the Indian govt to the Great Nicobar Island. Our point person in India (a very senior retired Government official who has made contact with Sikhs there) has confirmed that they will need to be re-housed at a cost of 2 lakhs rupees per family. There are some 500 families there. There were about 200 fatal casualties in Great Nicobar and the rest have been made homeless, as their homes and property have been razed to the ground. We are continuing to work on a breakthrough for Great Niocobar.

The team to Sri Lanka has been advised to supply family packs comprising food for 2 weeks, cooking utensils and bedding.These items will be bought in South India. 1.2 million people hav been displaced in Sri Lanka.

The information from Phuket, Thailand is that the Gurdwara there has not been affected. We are in the process of identifying the needs of the Sikh community there.

Any donation received from the saadh sangat shall be applied directly to the victims of the Tsunami disaster to help them meet their emergency and to help hem re-build their lives.

You may donate online or choose one of the following options for your convenience:

  • Donate by cheque/check payable to UNITED SIKHS, and mail to a UNITED SIKHS regional office.
  • Donate at your local bank by over-the-counter direct payment into the UNITED SIKHS account using the following information:

·  In the UK:
Any Branch of Natwest Bank

Deposit Details:
Payable to: UNITED SIKHS
Natwest Bank
Kensington Royal Garden Branch
Account No: 25023772
Sortcode: 50 30 10

·  In Punjab:
Any Branch of Bank of Punjab

Deposit Details:
Payable to: UNITED SIKHS
Bank of Punjab
Doaba Complex, Court Road, Amritsar
Account No: S/B 143216293

·  In the USA:
Any Branch of CitiBank
Deposit Details:

Payable to: UNITED SIKHS
Citibank NYB
PO Box 291, Brooklyn
New York, NY 11220-9020
Citibank Account #: 63916964
Memo shd be marked for: For Deposit only.

OR Wire Transfer Details:

A/C # is: 63916964
Routing Number: 021000089
Citibank Branch is 399 Park Avenue, New York, NY 10043

For more details on the UNITED SIKHS Tsunami Relief project see: http://unitedsikhs.org/reliefproject.html#volunteer

Yours sincerely,



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