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Australia Cyclone Relief 2017

Relief efforts are underway after a powerful tropical storm swept through northeast Australia. The wild weather made a disastrous landfall Tuesday and has since created havoc on local communities, leaving many without food, electricity, or access to fresh water.

Reports show Cyclone Debbie, a category 4 storm, is the most powerful storm to hit the region since Cyclone Yasi in 2011. Schools remain closed and tens of thousands of residents have been ordered to evacuate as extensive flooding remains a primary concern. Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, said he was aware of one death caused by the disaster.

Large trees were uprooted by the storm's forceful winds. P.C - EUROPEAN PHOTOPRESS AGENCY

More than 1,300 soldiers have been brought in to assist with cleanup, assess the damage and provide emergency food, water and fuel to the families in need. The area was said to have been hit by four month's worth of rainfall in just 24 hours.

In addition to homes, the floods and winds caused widespread damage to the Great Barrier Reef Islands.The storm and its aftermath could produce a catastrophic, economic blow to the region as the tourism industry, sugarcane crops and cattle industry have all been significantly impacted.

UNITED SIKHS has teamed up with residents as they try to deal with the aftermath of extensive flooding. One way the organization is assisting families is by providing langar (the Sikh word for ‘meal prepared in a community kitchen’) for residents who have been evacuated, are in shelters or are otherwise unable to cook for themselves.

    Three ways to donate
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  2. DONATE GOODS - UNITED SIKHS welcomes the donation of the following items if they can be delivered to the home base. Further details may be obtained by emailing
    Bottled water,Baby food, Non-perishable (canned) food, Lentils, Rice, Flour, Tea , Sugar , Toiletries ,Water purification tablets
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  • Direct Bank Deposit-
    Bank:Westpac Bank
    Bank Address: 530 Collins Street Melbourne Australia 3000
    Account Name: UNITED SIKHS INC
    Account Number: 303797
    BSB: 033017

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